Eastbourne Local Plan 2018 to 2038 – Have your say …

The first consultation runs until 10 January 2020.

Here is the link via the Council website https://www.lewes-eastbourne.gov.uk/planning-policy/new-eastbourne-local-plan-2018-2038/

The main document is over 130 pages. To help you there is one main part about Access and Movement (Page 87)

They are saying the younger people are leaving the town and more older people moving in.

By 2038 there will be 24% of population will be disabled (now approx 20%). The Council and ESCC should consult and listen to the needs of the disabled.

Points to think about:

Need for accessible housing for all ages. Should all new build have level thresholds, wider doors and corridors, space to turn a wheelchair round/mobility aids, level access showers?

How to improve public transport – more buses, adapted for less mobile, accessible bus stops for wheelchair/mobility users with dropped kerbs.

Should there be safe walking areas just for predestrians?

How do you see cycling and walking, should they have their own lanes/pathways?

Are the Blue badge parking spaces in the correct places particularly in the town centre?

Are there enough jobs for the working age? Wages

What improvements would you like to see – Accessible beach, better access to play areas and equipment for all children. More seating in shopping centre, town centre, by bus stops.

More changing places toilet facilities, more and better public toilets including wheelchair accessible. Expand the community toilet scheme so public can use business toilets without making a purchase.

Street lighting – do you feel safe going out particularly at night?

Access to buildings and public spaces?