How to Choose Plantation Shutters For Your Home

If you’ve been considering purchasing plantation shutters for your home but are unsure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. These gorgeous window coverings are both functional and beautiful, and they can be used to update the look of any room in the home. When choosing plantation shutters for your home, there are several things to consider, including the type of frame and the divider rail. Divider rails are horizontal bars on the shutter panel that separate the shutter’s top and bottom sections. You can choose a style that controls light, provides privacy, or offers both.

Adelaide plantation shuttersMany people choose to install plantation shutters in their homes for various reasons. They increase the aesthetic value of the home while also increasing its value. These shutters add curb appeal to your home, but they also help reduce your utility bills. By adding plantation shutters to your home, you’ll save money on utility bills, as you won’t have to replace window coverings every season. They also make great investments in your home’s interior design, so you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty and functionality of your shutters for years to come.

While plantation shutters have many advantages, their name is also controversial. They are named after slave plantations, where Africans were forced to work in sub-standard conditions. The enslaved people had no personal freedoms and were subjected to a life of deplorable conditions. Their name evokes a traumatic event in history, and removing it from the market would make the shutters more appealing to many homeowners.

Adelaide plantation shutters effectiveness depends on the size of its louvre. The smaller the louvre, the closer the slats are to the window’s frame. However, the bigger the louvre, the more light the shutter will allow into the room. Louvre sizes range from two-and-a-half inches to five-and-half inches, so the louvre size you choose should be based on how much light you want to let in and the size of the window.

In addition to choosing a colour for your shutters, you can upgrade them with hardware. You can add hardware to them, such as shutter locks, hidden hinges, or pulls. You can even add hardware to your shutters to increase their utility and appeal. There are many different colours and finishes for plantation shutters, including white and brushed nickel. The brushed nickel finish looks stunning against white, off-white, and stained wood shutters, and it is often the perfect choice in any room.

Louvre size is an important factor when purchasing custom-made plantation shutters. Louvres on a plantation shutter are 3.5 inches in width. If the window is narrow, louvres larger than three-and-a-half inches are considered “plantation size”. Smaller louvres, on the other hand, are recommended for small windows. You can also choose between an inside mount and an outside mount, which will depend on the style of the windows in your home.

One of the top upgrades for premium Adelaide plantation shutters is a hidden tilt rod. A hidden tilt rod is a thin connector attached to the shutter’s slats. Moving one slat in the shutter will open the rest of the slats. It means that your windows can be open and closed simultaneously. Plantation shutters are a practical and beautiful choice for your home with these features.

If you’re looking for a timeless window treatment that is low maintenance, consider Plantation shutters. Their custom-made design allows you to customize their colour and stain to match the existing decor of your home. Plantation shutters also come in different sizes, so you can choose the one that will fit your window perfectly. If you’re planning on adding them to a large window, you can also consider installing a custom-made valance to add texture and warmth.

Many people don’t consider the maintenance required when buying window treatments. When deciding whether to purchase Plantation shutters or other window treatments, consider how often you will be cleaning them. Plantation shutters, on the other hand, come with big louvres and a larger space between each one, making cleaning easier. If you’re the type of person who constantly cleans window coverings, you’ll love the look of Plantation shutters.