How to Properly Clean Carpet

Once the carpet is dry, clean up any spills as soon as possible. You can walk on the clean carpet right after it’s been cleaned, as this type of cleaning doesn’t leave behind any dangerous solvents. Ensure you wear clean socks and shoes when walking on the carpet and keep kids off it until it’s completely dry. Open the windows to allow plenty of air to circulate through the home, which will speed up the drying process. Remember, the carpet dries best between 60-70 degrees, so cranking the heat doesn’t speed up this process.

carpet cleaning AdelaideCost of carpet cleaning

The cost of carpet cleaning varies greatly depending on the size and type of the carpet. A one-room job can cost anywhere from $28 to $75. The cost of carpet cleaning largely depends on the amount of dirt and traffic in the room. A whole-home cleaning process can run upwards of $300. Some companies limit the number of rooms they clean to one per day, while others offer discounts for larger homes with numerous carpets.

Some companies charge per room or by square footage. It can be a more efficient way to clean a large room than several small ones. However, apartments are generally smaller. A flat rate for a single room may not work so well in a larger home, so check if the price includes a cap for large rooms. For the best value, pay the price per square foot.

While many carpet cleaning businesses like The RugMan charge per room or square foot, it is important to understand the cost before signing up with a provider. Remember to factor in labour costs and any specialized materials. Additionally, you should also factor in the cost of supplies. If a carpet cleaning company offers discounts, mention them on the estimate. However, be wary of companies that give a low initial price and then raise their prices once they enter the house. It may be a tactic intended to lure you into a longer, more expensive service.


Water damage cleaning, on the other hand, can be expensive. Even if you do not notice any damage, water can easily seep into the padding. If the water has soaked into the padding, it may have to be removed by high-powered extraction. Otherwise, the padding may remain wet, requiring expensive replacement. Furthermore, the water will result in mould and mildew growth. The carpet cleaning cost depends on what type of carpeting you have and how many rooms your home has.

Methods of carpet cleaning

There are two main methods of carpet cleaning. Hot water extraction and steam cleaning use high-pressure steam to remove dirt from carpets. Both methods are equally effective, though steam cleaning is generally preferred for its thoroughness and ease of use. Hot water extraction uses specialized equipment that does not damage carpets or padding. The hot water cleaning process also removes excess soil from carpets, leaving them brighter and cleaner than when they were first installed.

Steam cleaning uses hot water to clean the carpet and is the most expensive method. First, a hot water mixture is sprayed on the dirty areas of the carpet under high pressure to soften dirt particles and break them down. Once the carpet has been softened, stains are easier to remove. Next, professionals use a bonnet device to clean the carpets and extract dirt. Steam cleaning, however, requires more time than foam cleaning and can be quite expensive.

Hot water extraction is a thorough method, but it can be time-consuming. It removes soils deep inside the carpet and leaves a dry carpet. Encapsulation is a less expensive method but involves a little bit of moisture. It’s better for carpets in humid climates, as the cleaning solution used in this method encapsulates soil and stains for easy vacuuming. The process also leaves behind a dry carpet without sticky residue.